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[New Pics]Song Baek Kyoung

Cr : 1tymgarden/re up by me


1TYM 10th anniversary project

As you may already know that this 28th Nov will be 1TYM’s 10th anniversary. I and my friend have a plan of sending a BIG GIFT together with all our best wishes from all over the world directly to YG to them. So we would love to have your supports doing this.
Very simple, you all write your own mess to 1TYM -> we will collect it all into a book and send it together with all the gifts to them. Hope that everyone will participate.
You can post your mess right here in this topic or PM me or email us at:
After completing and preparing in order to send to Korea, we will share it here so that everybody can see how it is. Thanks alot! We are looking forward to your wishes.

You must send your mess prior to  30 Oct !!!!!!!!!!