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Closing Site

To all 1tymers..i want to inform you that this site is closed..even though i’m a crazy 1tym fan i can’t keep this site updated & active…thankyou to all 1tymers that has come and visit here..keep on supporting 1tym..

For any 1tym & yg updates visit us @

All staff here will be over @ ygworld as well

c u there..ONE LOVE BABY..



Taebin ft Kim Ji Eun- So We Can Love

Did u guys miss me?..sorry been out of the yg/1tym mode the past few just been getting to me..lost motivation for everything..not even 1tym could cheer me up. That’s the 1st..anyways me back and hope to continue the 1tym fever

Requested by Qi Luo – uploading download links

(15 Aug 04) Taebin ft Kim Ji Eun- So We Can Love (taebin nice ‘n slow concert)

Taebin & Kim ji eun-So we can love (teleconcert) Download

credit:myconcert, dgmbc, jess @


021103 YG Family- Fly Gentlemen sbs perf

Love Love yg fly gentlemen..never get sick of watching these men on hot

(03 Nov 02) YG Family- Fly Gentlemen sbs perf

Danny & Jinhwan of 1ym, G-Dragon, Jinusean, Masta Wu

credit:ygfamily, jess @


G-Dragon, T.O.P ft Park Bom-We Belong Together [BK. House Remix] & Instrumental

This was posted before at ygworld thought share it here as well..hmm something wrong with fileden..if file not working refresh.

G-Dragon, T.O.P ft Park Bom-We Belong Together Instrumental By Baekkyoung

G-Dragon, T.O.P ft Park Bom-We Belong Together [BK. HOUSE RMX]

credit:baekkyoung’s cyworld, 1tymforyomind @ ygworld, jess @


YG Family-Heroine 5 KBS (Danny & Jinhwan, JS, Se7en)

If you haven’t seen this..where have u been..hahha’s one of my fav episode cause it’s all yg baby..They were so cute the best part i have to say is the pillow fight hahah jinu cracks me up how many times did he try to get on that beam but keeps on falling off. They had to help him on..(stop checking out his boxers) What can i say the girls love my Jinhwan..he was the fav, his charms, sense of humor, sweetness..should i go on..nah i’ll let u watch.

Uploading…bare with me..

(23 Jan 05) YG Family-Heroine 5 ep.1 pt1 – Intro, Let Me Dance

(23 Jan 05) YG Family-Heroine 5 ep.1 pt2-Let Me Dance, Snowman Giving, Romeo & Juliet Role play

(30 Jan 05) YG Family-Heroine 5 ep.2 pt1- Pillow Fight

(30 Jan 05) YG Family-Heroine 5 ep.2 pt2-Snowman Giving & Ending

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051201 1tym, Jinusean, Wheesung- Hot 뜨거 & A-YO! MBC

1tym Hot 뜨거!..yg Hot 뜨거, danhwan Hot 뜨거, jess Hot 뜨거, 1tymers Hot 뜨거 ……hahahahah
Say 1 for the Money and 2 For the show…

love this song and the whole performance with them and jinusean, wheesung..miss the old days when we see these hot guys perform all together on’s love

Please leave a reply if download: Download

(01 Dec 05) 1tym, Jinusean, Wheesung- Hot 뜨거 & A-YO!- MBC 45th Anniversary

credit: clubbox, jess @


DL:051111 1tym- Mnet show documentary

Requested by Carol

This is mnet clip of 1tym’s rehearsal for Do You Know Me and also interview

Please reply if download. Download

credit:mnet, jess @