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051201 1tym, Jinusean, Wheesung- Hot 뜨거 & A-YO! MBC

1tym Hot 뜨거!..yg Hot 뜨거, danhwan Hot 뜨거, jess Hot 뜨거, 1tymers Hot 뜨거 ……hahahahah
Say 1 for the Money and 2 For the show…

love this song and the whole performance with them and jinusean, wheesung..miss the old days when we see these hot guys perform all together on’s love

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(01 Dec 05) 1tym, Jinusean, Wheesung- Hot 뜨거 & A-YO!- MBC 45th Anniversary

credit: clubbox, jess @


1TYM is one time fo your mind yooo !

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credits : bimmy aka annie aka A180585@soompi

yeah those sketches above were made by Annie. Awesome, aren’t they ? ^^
that’s my shout out for the Sushi girls out there (yeah, you know who you are, girls..)
come online and spam this f*cken site !!!!!!!!!
bring out the sushi love !!!!!!! Naked Sushi 1TYMers represent !!


DL: 1tym- Everyday & Night (Once ‘n 4 all concert)

Love this song & performance..hate that backup dancer getting close with jinhwan..damn i so wish i was her..

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credit:taebin cd, jess @