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Gummy ft Bk- Dance Dance vs Kim Ji Eun ft BK- One Night Lover

I better not forget Baekkyoung or 1tymers will say i only like Jinhwan ( which is true ahhah) ..ok for bk fans here is a song game which track u like better?

Q:Gummy ft Baekkyoung- Dance Dance  (Gummy – vol.2 It’s Different) vs Kim Ji Eun ft Baekkyoung- One Night Lover (KJE vol.1- Rain)

A: I actually like both but i say Dance Dance is more catchy..maybe cause part of it there’s that Hot Ddugah part hahha

Gummy ft Baekkyoung- Dance Dance  (Gummy – vol.2 It’s Different)

Kim Ji Eun ft Baekkyoung- One Night Lover (KJE vol.1- Rain)


1TYM Requests.

1TYMERS. (: it’s no mystery that 1TYM files are hard to find these days, especially for the newer fans, so i thought i’d open this post up for any requests that you guys may have. it can be requests of anything: MVs, perfs, clips, albums, specific songs, etc. i can’t guarantee that all of your requests will be fulfilled but this would give us some kind of direction as to what to post up if we have it. so feel free to let us know what you’re missing – everyone’s welcome to contribute and help others out.


About 1tymers

I want to use that About section to put profiles, intros on 1tymers so if you’re interested to put a short profile about yourself post in the About 1tymers Section and i will update the list.

A short format
1tymer since:
About Me:

1tymer since: 2004
About Me: A little intro about me, i’m jess from Australia i am viet. I love listening to music got into korean stuff late 2004, it all started when i was searching for stuff on Boa cause everyone was into her at that time. I was wonder who she is and why so popular, Continue reading ‘About 1tymers’


Question: 1tymer Wordpress Questionnaire


A little questionnaire so we can get to know what 1tymers like and dislike..

1. Q: What is your fav 1tym album?

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A: Mine has to be Vol.4 Once ‘n 4 all, so many good tracks on this album their previous albums were ok but vol.4 is my fav.

2. Q: What is your fav 1tym song?

A. I have to say that i still love How many time from vol.5 (One way)

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Question: How Did you get into 1tym?

Q: How Did you get into 1tym?

was it from clips. mv, forums or from my numerous advertising from my sigs, posts, in every forum u see me @ hahaha

A: Well here is my story and it goes like this..

Taebin- The reason i close my eyes mv-fell in love with his voice-search for more info on him-came across his website- saw oh so hot pics- found he was from group 1tym..from then it was love..