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YG Family-Heroine 5 KBS (Danny & Jinhwan, JS, Se7en)

If you haven’t seen this..where have u been..hahha’s one of my fav episode cause it’s all yg baby..They were so cute the best part i have to say is the pillow fight hahah jinu cracks me up how many times did he try to get on that beam but keeps on falling off. They had to help him on..(stop checking out his boxers) What can i say the girls love my Jinhwan..he was the fav, his charms, sense of humor, sweetness..should i go on..nah i’ll let u watch.

Uploading…bare with me..

(23 Jan 05) YG Family-Heroine 5 ep.1 pt1 – Intro, Let Me Dance

(23 Jan 05) YG Family-Heroine 5 ep.1 pt2-Let Me Dance, Snowman Giving, Romeo & Juliet Role play

(30 Jan 05) YG Family-Heroine 5 ep.2 pt1- Pillow Fight

(30 Jan 05) YG Family-Heroine 5 ep.2 pt2-Snowman Giving & Ending

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DL:051111 1tym- Mnet show documentary

Requested by Carol

This is mnet clip of 1tym’s rehearsal for Do You Know Me and also interview

Please reply if download. Download

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