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021103 YG Family- Fly Gentlemen sbs perf

Love Love yg fly gentlemen..never get sick of watching these men on hot

(03 Nov 02) YG Family- Fly Gentlemen sbs perf

Danny & Jinhwan of 1ym, G-Dragon, Jinusean, Masta Wu

credit:ygfamily, jess @


051201 1tym, Jinusean, Wheesung- Hot 뜨거 & A-YO! MBC

1tym Hot 뜨거!..yg Hot 뜨거, danhwan Hot 뜨거, jess Hot 뜨거, 1tymers Hot 뜨거 ……hahahahah
Say 1 for the Money and 2 For the show…

love this song and the whole performance with them and jinusean, wheesung..miss the old days when we see these hot guys perform all together on’s love

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(01 Dec 05) 1tym, Jinusean, Wheesung- Hot 뜨거 & A-YO!- MBC 45th Anniversary

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1TYM – Without U, Hot Deugguh Mnet 040227

sup, fellow 1TYMers!
I’m Sari (or Aee) and also known as Vicodin on soompi, ygbb, ygworld, etc etc.
It’s my first post here and i present you one of my fave performances by our big boys, 1TYM !
The vid is taken from their 4th jib activities, when Teddy hasn’t stumbled into the stage of “covering your head (and face) with hoodie” kind of thing. I personally don’t like him with braids, i think fauxhawk suits him real well and i seriously hope when they come back later he’ll keep the hawk..

Oh and if you’re watching this vid, check out the min 04:23 it’s DANHWAN LOVE ! hahahaha Danny and Jinhwan dancing to each other hahahaha I’m sure jess would love to be there in the middle of them two hahahaha.. and alsoooo.. 04:31 is loooveeeeeee.. Danny was grinning and glancing at Jinhwan who was standing next to him hahaha <333
04:35 – 04:38 is just PURE LOVE hahaha i love how the boys moved their bodies whilst chanting “hot deugguh deugguh hot deugguh deugguh hot hot hot” hahahaha

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1tym-Nasty, Without you, Hot, Kweh ji na ching ching MF Concert

This is 1tym’s cut from the MF concert

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DL: YG Family- 10th Anniversary Concert in Tokyo Mnet News

This is a news clip that shows some of the yg 10th anniversary concert in japan..wish they had the 10th concert on dvd. Man that would have been such a memorable dvd collection.

Jinusean- A-Yo!, 1tym- Do u know me, Stonyskunk- Ragga Muffin, Big Bang- La La La, Se7en- I Know, Big Mama- Break Away, Lexy- Novice, Gummy- (forgot title), YG Family- Fly Gentlemen

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credit:3asian, jess @


040702 Taebin & 1tym, Lexy- Cry & Hot, Let Me Dance kbs

These performance was during Taebin’s solo activities..too bad no Teddy..would have been good to see them all was nice to see Jinhwan & Baekkyoung even during Taebin’s solo. If you want a download ver you can request in our request section.

Taebin & 1tym ft Lexy- Cry & Hot

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DL: 051212 1tym- School of rock mnet

Requested by cosmicflo

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051212 1tym- School of rock mnet pt 1

051212 1tym- School of rock mnet pt 2, mnet, jess @ 1tymer wp