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Taebin ft Kim Ji Eun- So We Can Love

Did u guys miss me?..sorry been out of the yg/1tym mode the past few just been getting to me..lost motivation for everything..not even 1tym could cheer me up. That’s the 1st..anyways me back and hope to continue the 1tym fever

Requested by Qi Luo – uploading download links

(15 Aug 04) Taebin ft Kim Ji Eun- So We Can Love (taebin nice ‘n slow concert)

Taebin & Kim ji eun-So we can love (teleconcert) Download

credit:myconcert, dgmbc, jess @


Pics : Tae Bin

when he simle …. i wanna die ><

Cr : bumce @


Dedicated to IM Taebin Fans

For u Current & Ex Taebin Lover (Me) hahah..drool over his vol.1 pics..if u’re looking for his album for download u can request. Since it’s out of stock i will upload.

Track 13.Taebin ft 1tym-Going to each other

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Taebin feat Wu – I dont wanna know Teleconcert Gayo

i must say, i love the Taebin days because he looked mighty fine during those days.
This vid is one of Taebin performances during his 1st solo jib at the Teleconcert Gayo. he sang I dont want to know featuring the Skeleton Man aka Mr. Anorexic aka Malnutrition Man = Masta Wu !
Man, if i were there.. i’d jump into him and tear his knickers off errr.. ooops hahaha *dodges knives thrown by Taebin lovers.*

credits :

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040702 Taebin & 1tym, Lexy- Cry & Hot, Let Me Dance kbs

These performance was during Taebin’s solo activities..too bad no Teddy..would have been good to see them all was nice to see Jinhwan & Baekkyoung even during Taebin’s solo. If you want a download ver you can request in our request section.

Taebin & 1tym ft Lexy- Cry & Hot

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Taebin- The Reason I Close My Eyes

This was the mv that stole my heart..the voice just melted me away..when i came across his website to find more info on him..damn did i go gaga even more..this was where it all started from taebin to 1tym to yg..but sorry taebiny i ditched him for jinhwan in 2005 hahaha…

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credit:ygfamily, feminines0ul @ yt, jess @ 1tymer wp 4 caps