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YG Family-Heroine 5 KBS (Danny & Jinhwan, JS, Se7en)

If you haven’t seen this..where have u been..hahha’s one of my fav episode cause it’s all yg baby..They were so cute the best part i have to say is the pillow fight hahah jinu cracks me up how many times did he try to get on that beam but keeps on falling off. They had to help him on..(stop checking out his boxers) What can i say the girls love my Jinhwan..he was the fav, his charms, sense of humor, sweetness..should i go on..nah i’ll let u watch.

Uploading…bare with me..

(23 Jan 05) YG Family-Heroine 5 ep.1 pt1 – Intro, Let Me Dance

(23 Jan 05) YG Family-Heroine 5 ep.1 pt2-Let Me Dance, Snowman Giving, Romeo & Juliet Role play

(30 Jan 05) YG Family-Heroine 5 ep.2 pt1- Pillow Fight

(30 Jan 05) YG Family-Heroine 5 ep.2 pt2-Snowman Giving & Ending

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051201 1tym, Jinusean, Wheesung- Hot 뜨거 & A-YO! MBC

1tym Hot 뜨거!..yg Hot 뜨거, danhwan Hot 뜨거, jess Hot 뜨거, 1tymers Hot 뜨거 ……hahahahah
Say 1 for the Money and 2 For the show…

love this song and the whole performance with them and jinusean, wheesung..miss the old days when we see these hot guys perform all together on’s love

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(01 Dec 05) 1tym, Jinusean, Wheesung- Hot 뜨거 & A-YO!- MBC 45th Anniversary

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DL: YG Family- 10th Anniversary Concert in Tokyo Mnet News

This is a news clip that shows some of the yg 10th anniversary concert in japan..wish they had the 10th concert on dvd. Man that would have been such a memorable dvd collection.

Jinusean- A-Yo!, 1tym- Do u know me, Stonyskunk- Ragga Muffin, Big Bang- La La La, Se7en- I Know, Big Mama- Break Away, Lexy- Novice, Gummy- (forgot title), YG Family- Fly Gentlemen

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DL: 071229 YG Family- Freedom & Soul

Man how mad was this performance it was like the best highlight of 2007 for gentlemen all on 1 stage again..the best part was the appearance from our guys..all 4 together again..this was the best surprise… I remember going crazy & staying up watching this over & over

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(29 Dec 07) 1tym, Big Bang, Jinusean, Se7en, CL (yg new face)- SBS Gayo Daejun

1.  A fool’s only tear,  2. One Love, 3. A-Yo!, 4. Phone number, 5. Hot Ddeuguh, 6. Lie

7. Se7en solo dance, 8.  CL perf

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